Hi - I’m Jason Boxer.

I’m an early childhood educator, a product of Manhattan Beach schools, and a candidate for 2020 MBUSD School Board. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science from New York University's Program in Educational Theatre, one of the country’s oldest arts education programs, and I have worked in Title I public schools all over the country for my entire professional life.

In addition to my time in classrooms, I served as the Partnership Manager for a literacy non-profit that reaches more than 60,000 students nationwide each year. In steering business development, volunteer programming, and budgeting for this organization, I attained significant management experience and oversaw dozens of employees, many of them teachers.

I’m the youngest person in recent memory to run for this job, and I’m also one of most uniquely qualified. I know what it’s like when a student’s favorite teacher gets a pink slip printed with the MBUSD letterhead. I know what it’s like to manage the shoestring budget of an education non-profit tasked with delivering excellence in instruction to tens of thousands of students. Most importantly - I know what it’s like to be in the classroom, both behind the teacher’s desk and in front of it.

I’m ready to bring fresh, energized leadership to Manhattan Beach schools, and I would be humbled by your support.

In solidarity,
Jason Boxer

Click here to read more about Jason’s qualifications!
Click here to read more about Jason's qualifications!
VOTE! November 3rd, 2020
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